Church of St. Maurice, Bolton CT

Rev. Leon J. Susaimanickam, Administrator

Coffee Social




Tom & Marilee Manning

(860) 647-1259


Description: The Coffee Social team serves coffee and pastry weekly in the Lower Church after the Vigil Mass on Saturday and the 10:00 Mass on Sunday all year long. This ministry encourages a sense of hospitality and community, providing a place to socialize with old friends and to meet new ones.


Need/Opportunities: Any parishioner from Confirmation candidate age and up may join. Help is needed with setting up and cleaning up.


Commitment required: Interested individuals sign up for a Saturday or Sunday (read on...)

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Financial Report











Highlights: 77 Coffee Socials since October 2005

      358 dozen donuts served

      Plus thousands of Munchkins!

      Current total deficit $690.74





Coffee Social and Mini-Fair 11/19/2017

Enjoy coffee and pastry after both Masses this Sunday while shopping at a reprise of Sleigh Bells Ring, our famous Christmas Fair!





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